Why a Summer Detox?

May 16 - 24, 2022

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the summer is ruled by the Fire element and is expressed in growth, joy, and spriritual awareness. This is such an important time to step into your radiance.

The best form of medicine is preventative medicine and work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers. This 10-day detox program, focused on nourishing the Fire element within you, will have you feeling energized and brilliant as we turn into the summer season!

Are you:

  • energetically stuck, feeling dragged down?
  • struggling with stubborn weight gain?
  • feeling foggy heady and in the doldrums?
  • struggling with sleep?
  • exhausted and rundown?
  • feeling reliant on caffeine, alcohol, and sugar?

Are you ready to illuminate your life as we head into summer? 

It's time to re-claim your passion, fire, and energy for the summer season ahead!

Join us for 10-days focused on emerging energized and shining into summer!

What You Will Receive:

  • Program guide and recipe library.
  • Supplement recommendations for energizing & shining, providing organ-specific support for this 10-day program. These are optional and available for purchase through our virtual dispensary (as they not required, they are not included in the class purchase price).
  • Access to a private Whatsapp group for questions, community, and daily inspiration and motivation.
  • (3) 45-min group zoom gatherings so you feel connected and directed.
  • Access to content for the next 30 days to allow you to continue for long as feels right for you.

Join us for our 10-Day Summer Detox for $245

What Clients Have to Say.....

Check out what previous clients have to share about their experiences!

I learn something new with each 10-day detox in terms of self-care and nutrition but also the self-growth is unparalleled --- I adopt new habits that actually stick and internal strength/knowledge to better myself that doesn't just disappear when the 10 days are over--- forever changes physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I love everything about the program from the knowledge and authenticity of the doctors, the communication, the connection, and the community. This time around I really enjoyed having Nancy join in and share her magic with the Zoom talk and extra meditations!

This was my first detox program before and the structure and support (frequent communication, food & supplement ideas, classes, zoom calls) helped me stay connected and committed to the program. I liked that in addition to the diet changes, physical medicine techniques and emotional tools were part of the process.

The Be Still & Fill Detox made me slow down and make healthier choices about what I was putting in my body. I felt so connected and supported by the group. I was proud of myself and our amazing group when we hit Day 10… “we did it”! And I’m continuing to use many of the “tools” introduced during the cleanse because they work!

Inspired, loved, motivated, clear headed. (Able to wake up without caffeine!) I was going through a lot of personal grief and sadness, so the detox was really powerful and helpful to me. Thank you so much, Dr. Hillary and Dr. Stephenie!

I love these cleanses! They are such an important part of my seasonal self-care program. It’s like a quarterly reset to prioritize my self care! I always feel clearer, more energized and I learn so much about myself every time even though I’ve been cleansing this way for over 15 years now!

Zoom Gathering Schedule

Other than the intro, all gatherings will be 45-min on zoom. Each will be recorded and will be uploaded onto this platform - so if you can't make a live gathering - you can still participate!  No attendance is required - these meetings are here to support you and carry you through the 10-day program.

Saturday, May 14th, 10 am PST (ZOOM) - 90 min!!
Program Intro
Review the Summer Refresh Protocol, make space in your calendar for your self-care rituals, and get your shopping list.

Monday, May 16th -
Get support in Whatsapp group and begin daily yin meditations for adrenal healing

Tuesday, May 17th, 6:00 pm PST (ZOOM)
Learn more about the heart and small intestine and how overwhelm of these organs can impact our health and day-to-day life.

Thursday, May 19th, 6:00 pm PST (ZOOM)
Love your liver and move into healthier balance.

Monday, May 23rd- 6:00 pm PST (ZOOM)
Embrace the changes you have made during this time and let's talk about keeping the benefits going!

Wednesday, May 25th -