A Winter Cleanse - Dive Into Healing Waters

Refresh Your Energy, Nourish Your Yin, and Balance Your Hormones

Winter is a sacred time.  A quiet time.  In Chinese Medicine winter represents the element of water that rules the meridians/energy of the kidney and urinary bladder.  Water is the most yin or female of all of the elements.  Manifestations of yin include the dark rain forest, the deep ocean blue, a slow pace, the quiet.  Yin is associated with the female aspect of the body and rules the bodily fluids and hormones (including adrenal/stress hormones). 

The end of reproductive years in Chinese Medicine is marked by a yin deficiency (perimenopause/menopause).  This is understood as a deficiency of the waters and creates dryness and heat (the symptoms are dry skin, nails, drying of periods or sexual tissues, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, anxiety, or moodiness).  

You may not be experiencing these exact symptoms, but the stress of the last years has put a drain on our adrenal glands and hormones and caused yin deficiencies in many of us.  The worry, fear, and (for some of us) overconsumption of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol has had a negative impact.   

Join us to help take a deeper dive into winter cleansing so you may nourish your yin, heal your adrenal glands and bring balance to your hormones.  

What You Will Receive:

  • Program guide and recipe library.
  • Supplement recommendations for healing yin and adrenals, providing extra support for this 10-day program. These are optional and available for purchase through our virtual dispensary (as they not required, they are not included in the class purpchase).
  • Access to a private Whatsapp group for questions, community, and daily inspiration and motivation.
  • 45-min group zoom gatherings, see schedule below, so you feel connected and directed.
  • Access to content for the next 60 days to allow you to continue for long as feels right for you.

Join us for our 10-Day Winter Detox for $249

What Clients Have to Say....

Check out what previous clients have to share about their experiences!

Jill H.

Support to Change Habits

Jill H.

I started Dr. Stephenie's cleanse because I was looking to clean up my diet, sleep better at night, and have more energy during the day! All of these things happened! But what was most important to me was slowing down and realizing how my current daily rituals were contributing to my "sick nd tired of being sick and tired". This short cleanse helped me make some significant changes!

Repeat Client


Yes! Hillary! This cleanse was even better than previous ones!! I have to say every time they get better and I learn more!
Shannon R.

Power of Small Changes

Shannon R.

I was so excited to hear Dr. Stephenie was conducting a cleanse prior to the holidays, but didn't realize the extent to which it would benefit me. I was amazed at how small changes can make a big impact on my whole body. I felt more energized, less bloated, and more excited to get up and move every day."

Love the Group Support & Experience


Dr. Hillary thank you for the support and encouragement throughout this process. Especially during this pandemic, it's easy to feel isolated and alone. This group on the detox helped me recognize how important it is to have real people who are experiencing the same emotions and challenges and overcoming them together. I'm thankful for your voice and your experience!
Erin R.

Erin R.

Dr Riley’s cleanses allows you to target both your physical and emotional health. The cleanse made me see that spiritual health is just as important as my physical self. Dr. Riley gave us different tools and guided meditation in order to cleanse our spirit. I personally opened up and really understood how connected the two are. Addressing my spiritual health has helped my physical health fall into place, making my new food routines easier to continue with. If you feel like other cleanses have not sparked change within yourself I challenge you to try one with Dr. Riley and open yourself up to cleansing your whole body!

My favorite part of this cleanse (besides this group!) is the epsom baths (I cheated and added EOs and sometimes milk or bentonite clay) and the licorice extract which my Dr. agrees I should continue to help with my adrenal fatigue. Hillary, you’ve been such a joy to have as leader of this cleanse. I do feel more energy and feel confident that the groundwork we laid will help me continue on my own for the next 2+ weeks

Zoom Gathering Schedule

All gatherings will be 45-min on zoom, will be recorded and will be uploaded onto this platform - so if you can't make a live gathering - you can still participate!  No attendance is required - these meetings are here to support you and carry you through the 10-day program.

Saturday, January 22nd, 10 am PST (ZOOM)
Program Intro
Review the Winter Refresh Protocol, make space in your calendar for your self-care rituals, and get your shopping list.

Monday, January 24th - 
Get support in Whatsapp group and begin daily yin meditations for adrenal healing

Tuesday, January 25th, 5:30 pm PST (ZOOM)
Learn more about adrenal glands and the way adrenal imbalances impact our health

Thursday, January 27th, 5:30 pm PST (ZOOM)
Restore and heal your nervous system as we rest into the yin

Saturday, January 29th, time TBD (ZOOM)
Yin Yoga with Bex Urban

Monday, January 31st - 5:30 pm PST (ZOOM)
Embrace the changes you have made during this time and let's talk about keeping the benefits going!

Wednesday, February 2nd -